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Katana Bamboo
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Katana Bamboo

  • Item number: 100_K14713
  • Rated: 18
  • Manufacturer: Jean Fuentes
  • Unit price: €89.00/piece
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The katana blade has been made with carbon steel. The handle is covered with an imitated ray skin and wrapped of black cotton cord. One metal Menuki decorades each side of the Tsuka. The woodden scabbard is lacquered with dark red color.
  • blade made of carbon steel
  • blade type Maru
  • blade lenght: 26,38"
  • total lenght: 40,55"
  • weight katana: 42,33 oz
  • weight Saya: 8,8 oz
  • dark red varnished wooden Saya (scabbard)
  • handle is coated with ray skin imitation
  • handle is wrapped with cotton
  • blade edge is razor-sharp
  • not suitable for cutting exercises
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Delivery includes Katana and Saya.

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