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Dye Snow Arm Guard
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Dye Snow Arm Guard

  • Item number: BE0306-XS
  • Manufacturer: DYE
  • Unit price: €74.95/piece
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Pre-shaped structure - The lightweight arm guard will adapt to the natural movement of your elbow for maximum mobility and comfort.

Cup-shaped multi density elbow pad - Designed to wrap around your elbow comfortably and keep the pad in place.

Bonesaver core high impact protection - Protect your forearms from hard slams on pipes, rails and boxes, using the multi layered design of the padding.

Adjustable Velcro closure for the forearm

Built in Lycra wrist gator - Keeps snow from getting up your sleeves and keeps the pads in place.

Lycra and vented mesh base - Lycra gives you flexibility and breath ability to help keep you cool and dry.

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