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Roman Legionare Armor

Roman Legionare Armor

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The Lorica Segmentata is considered by some to be the best armor of the ancient world. Unlike the muscle Cuirass, taken from the Greek Hoplite, the Lorica Segmentata seems to be a completely Roman design.

The Lorica offered excellent protection as well as flexibility with its overlapping plate design. The actual date of the creation of the style is still unknown, however we do know that it was put into widespread use around 63 BC. This armor was reserved only for Legionnaires (the heavy infantry of the Roman army), the common soldiers still wore chain mail.

This is interesting because the a shirt of chain mail took a year to compete while the segmented armor only took four weeks to complete. The Lorica Segmentata seemed to disappear after the 3rd century, but similar techniques were used again in the 16th century.
The armor 'Lorica Segmentata'from the roman food troops. Made of steel with brass fittings and leather strap. Size L/XL
  • The armor is constructed of 18 gauge steel
  • The steel segments are held together by steel rivets and leather thongs.
  • The armor can be dissembled into four pieces: two shoulder pieces, two chest pieces.
  • The shoulders can be adjusted with leather straps to fit most sizes.
  • Leather thongs have been included to lace up the chest piece.
  • Golden fittings decorate the armor.
  • The shoulders are secured by heavy duty hinges.
  • The armor is fully functional.
  • Steel Grade: 18 Gauge Steel
  • Fits Chest Size: 37-48 ", L/XL
  • Weight: 6,5 kg

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